Citrine Performance management

Health and Safety

Citrine Construction takes great care to ensure compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and, where relevant, our client’s criteria. We employ our own Health and Safety Administrator and use external specialists to ensure our Health, Safety and Environmental plans are 100% compliant.

  • In 2017, Citrine Electrical Solutions scored 94% in the external Siyakhatala Monthly Contractor Audit, while Citrine Reticulation Services scored 93%.

Quality management

A Quality Management System based on ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) standards is in place to ensure:

  • our quality manual is used as the guidebook for process and policy, resulting in good governance, empowered and informed employees and a benchmark against which to measure performance and maintain consistent standards
  • documentation of best practice and learning and use of this to maintain and improve our service standards
  • efficiency throughout the organisation
  • assurance for our clients of a well-┬Érun and managed organisation
  • achievement of the highest possible levels of client satisfaction and relationships

Human resources management

There is not one aspect of our business that is not dependent for its success on the people we employ. From our client relationships to the planting of poles or chasing of conduits, it is our human capital that creates the finished product – a successful project. As our staff complement has grown we have put in place human resource management practices that protect, inspire, reward and provide opportunity for our employees. We have a Code of Conduct and an Employee Handbook that clearly detail the disciplines under which we work and the policies and procedures for personnel.